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Forging a personal path

It's been a slow and awkward start to this whole blogging thing so I put out a request for writing prompts to my Facebook friends and got a few. They suggested talking about animal behaviors and compassionate themes and practices for the upcoming holidays. All very good suggestions, certainly. Yet, I found myself uninspired to write. Of course, I love turkeys and all things compassion, but the voice of authenticity wasn't there in those posts for me. I'm not a biologist or animal behaviorist. I'm not a home maker or family meal preparer. I'm not crafty, particularly socially skilled, tech-savy, or highly educated in animal husbandry. I'm just an empathic idealist who can't make sense of the world in any way except for the world in which I've created here at the sanctuary. Our lives are not perfect, or even picturesque a lot of the time. We don't have a big marketing strategy or appeal, we're just trying to be good people doing even better things... and inviting you all to do it with us. So, I'm forging a path of authentic reflection and sharing tonight. Step one.

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