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The Lasa LIGHTS program offers a unique opportunity for a small group of donors (limited to 250) to take a direct and engaged role in supporting the day-to-day operations of the sanctuary such as providing feed, bedding, supplies, medication, and veterinary care for the 180+ animals who call Lasa home.  This is a true quality over quantity program, we have always sought compassionate connection and have always struggled with the impersonal numbers-driven business side of fundraising.  Of course, we need funding to do what we do.  But our joy comes from the enthusiasm and love of sharing our work with people who care deeply and recognize the power they have as individuals to make a difference.


In appreciation for your Dollar-A-Day donation, billed as a recurring monthly or annual donation, Lasa LIGHTS receive:


-  A welcome packet including a few gratitude gifts (donated by our director - all donations go to animal care!) and a personal letter from our founder.   

- Celebratory "New Beginnings" gift sent out each January for continuing donors (beginning 2026)

- Quarterly print newsletter and other surprises

- Your name displayed on our website Lasa LIGHTS donor board (optional) and the opportunity to be showcased on our social media

- Invitation to a private Facebook Group where we'll share more candid photos/stories, discount codes for the Karuna Sonnet Etsy store and other partners, limited-edition Lasa merch, and Animal Art giveaways

- Volunteer opportunities, community meetups

- Pasture PenPal program for children under 12

- First access registration for the long-awaited return of our annual Imagine Gathering and other events.


Lasa LIGHTS: donor recognition

246 of 250 open!

and start serving animals


Lasa LIGHTS:  Love Is Giving Hope Through Service

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