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Another tour season comes to a close

Today marks the day of our last scheduled tours of the season. This season we've welcomed over 320 people to the sanctuary to visit with the animals, hear their stories of abuse, exploitation, and rescue, learn how to live vegan, and join in the compassionate community. We've shared laughs and tears, hopes and fears. With the help of our friends from Wild Spork food truck and Nomaste vegan cheesecakes, our 4th Lasa-versary celebration in July was the biggest and best we've ever had. How far we've come!

The time has come for us to refocus our efforts towards fundraising and preparing for the upcoming winter months. A generous and passionate supporter has created an amazing night of music, showmanship, and charity by fully sponsoring a benefit concert by musician and guitar superstar Michael Kelsey on Friday November 17th at Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. Tickets are just $25 and ALL proceeds come to Lasa to help establish our winter care fund. You do not want to miss this show, details and links to Michael's performances can be found on our website under "Events".

We will also be offering up our annual Lasa Sanctuary holiday cards and "Go Rescue" stocking stuffer card game for sale by donation starting in November so stay tuned.

We spend upwards of $75 a day on feed alone, add to that costs such as bedding, supplies, sanctuary upkeep, veterinary care, and medications, our winter needs are immense. We need your help to keep us going so we can welcome you back next season!

Thank you to all who visited, donated, and have supported us in person and through social networking. We truly couldn't do what we do without you!

Much love -

~ j

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