Amelia was rescued with severe head trauma after the children on the farm where she lived were reportedly hitting her with shovels. She suffered several lacerations, a broken jaw, cracked skull, broken beak, and is blind in one eye. Still, she is a sweet and affectionate turkey who loves to snuggle. Amelia can be seen in our featured video.
Tab Ahti
Rescued unable to see, hear, or walk and covered in urine scald from obesity. He now weighs around 1/3 rd of his intake weight and is feeling good! Tab was born without external ear flaps so he has a very recognizable torpedo shape.
Montague Ernest
Monte was rescued from a stock yard where he was too sick to stand. Luckily a rescuer was on site and was able to get him released before he was sent into the auction ring. He spent a month in the hospital before coming to Lasa.
Theodore Logan
Theo was born on a factory farm where his young body was subject to standard industry procedures such as castration, tail docking, and tattooing. On this trip to the feedlot at just a few weeks old, Theo hide in the shadows and hitched a ride one stop farther, unknowingly delivering him to a worse fate - the slaughter house. The workers rejected him due to his small size and the driver of the transport truck was instructed to kill him but instead took mercy and sent him to sanctuary.
Nelson arrived at Lasa at just 6 weeks old. He was still peeping and liked to snuggle in our hair to sleep. Like so many, he was rejected by his family because he is a rooster. Roosters are routinely killed or displaced (ie dumped) shortly after hatching or when the first signs of them not being an egg-laying hen become clear. He know heads our main chicken flock.
Jude Amor
Jude was rescued from a woman who had a previous animal cruelty conviction and was banned from having animals. Thankfully, despite being taken from his mother and undoubtedly being terrified, Jude arrived in good condition and quickly bonded with our others. Jude is the gentle giant of our herd who loves hugs and affection.
Quigon was one of 5 chicks surrendered to us by a local retailer during their "Chick Days" sales promotion in which day-old chicks are shipped via the US postal service in groups of 100+ to suppliers around the country to be sold for $2-3 a piece. Many arrive injured or ill, like Quigon who was suffering from splay leg. We were able to splint her legs and rehab her quickly. She is an inquisitive and sweet hen who knows her name and will come running when called.
Trevor Blue
Trevor Blue has a condition known as Cerebellar hyploplasia in which part of his brain didn't fully develop. This causes him to have intention tremors and some troubles in processing stressors such as excessive noise or commotion. When Trevor's condition became apparent he was taken to a local shelter where the stress took it's toll and he started to show signs of aggression. Trevor now lives in his own house here at Lasa where he is thriving.
Jackson Omani & Oscar Obi
Jackson and Oscar were part of a large scale rescue in Massachusetts coordinated by the ASPCA in which over 1000 animals were saved. Due to the number of animals in need of homes, they networked across the country to secure safe placements, and we were lucky enough to welcome these two darling little Herefords. Though bonded to each other, they have also established strongly into the larger herd.
Rory O'Byers
Rory was found by a local humane agent abandoned in a barn tied to a post. She was unable to be adopted out due to testing positive for CAE, a form of encephalitis, so they reached out to us. So far she shows only minimal signs of her illness so we're hopeful her prognosis will remain good.
Stella was being severely picked on by her previous flock, most likely due to a combination of her special needs (impaired vision) and overcrowding in a small pen. She arrived highly emaciated and covered in a large scab on her back. She was so weak she struggled to keep her balance walking. Since arriving she has been paired with other special needs birds and has tripled in weight. She is a very sweet and affectionate hen who has charmed all who meet her with her happy purrs of contentment.
While we work to support the end of all animal testing, we have also agreed to take in survivors from labs, such as Bernie and his 4 friends. Once used in psychological testing experiments, they are now free to climb, nap, and much on snacks.
Abigail Dee
Abigail and her sister Indra were rescued from a neglect case here in Ashtabula County. They are both seniors and reports indicated that they hadn't been sheared in at least two years, imagine wearing multiple wool sweaters on a 95 degree summer day! Abby's age has recently taken its toll and she struggles to make the long walks into pasture with the others so she spends her days in the shade of the duck yard.
Stardust and his 3 friends were found dumped and abandoned in a park a few days after Easter. Most likely purchased as a gift, the novelty wore off quickly and they were left to fend for themselves in the wild without the ability or skill to fly, find food, or avoid predators. Thankfully, some kind children found them and reached out.
Jerry & Brooklyn
Jerry and Brooklyn are former racing pigeons who, like often happens, were injured during one of their stressful journeys, leaving them unable to fly. Facing certain starvation and predation, they were lucky enough to be discovered by some Good Samaritans who found them rescue. We paired them here and they bonded instantly.
Leia Alexis
Leia was hit by a car and suffered an injured spine, tail, and rear leg. Her tail was amputated and the ongoing neurologic injury left her unable to urinate or control her bowels. Thanks to a determined vet, a twice-daily medication was secured that allows her to have her bladder manually expressed, and keeping her alive. She is very special needs in that regard but is otherwise a normal happy, loving, playful young cat.
Astrid was rescued with 6 others from a cruelty case in Cleveland in which they were being housed in a metal dog crate. He suffered severe upper respiratory infection that has left him with chronic inflammation and his "broad-breasted" body is growing too fast for his heart and bones. He is monitored closely for infection and pain. Despite his struggles, Astrid is a gentle soul who loves to sit in the breeze of the fan and to flirt with his favorite humans.
Malakai Frances
Malakai was rescued from a hoarding situation where he lived in a metal dog crate and was chased with a vacuum cleaner when he needed moved. He was purchased as a pet from a breeder and has never know life as a wild animal and cannot be released. He is a senior now and lives a quiet life here at Lasa where he is very bonded to sanctuary Mom. *Kai is not a part of sanctuary tours
Henry Tamu
Henry was seized by county authorities after being discovered without food and water in a dark, filthy shed. He was thin and his hair was brittle when he arrived. Henry has since grown into a regal steer with impressive horns and a gentle demeanor. He loves to play and romp with his goat friend, Rory.
Malala was the lone survivor of her flock after a predator attacked. She arrived with fresh wounds that detailed her close call. Despite the trauma, Malala remains a bold, curious, and outgoing hen ready to see the world.
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Amelia was rescued with severe head trauma after the children on the farm where she lived were reportedly hitting her with shovels. She suffered several lacerations, a broken jaw, cracked skull, broken beak, and is blind in one eye. Still, she is a sweet and affectionate turkey who loves to snuggle. Amelia can be seen in our featured video.