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Please use the link to donate to Lasa Sanctuary.

Lasa Sanctuary is a registered 501c3 nonprofit public charity based in northeast Ohio.  Our mission is to promote whole, vegan living through education and experience designed to celebrate the connectedness of all living beings, to provide sanctuary for animals in need, and to share our message of compassionate healing throughout the human community.


At Lasa every life is respected and cherished.  We believe in the power of unity and the strength of love to heal the hearts and minds of animals and people in need.

We live on 10.68 acres in Jefferson, Ohio, located in Ashtabula County.  After more than two years of hard work and capital investment, we have be blessed enough to finally open our doors to animals in need.  As we continue to grow (already 90+ animals call Lasa home), we hope that Lasa will become a gathering place for the compassionate, the open, and the concerned, where the innate value of every life is celebrated and where we can inspire change, peace, and a greater joy in our world.

The Lasa team integrates animal rights and protection, intentional living, and community action into programs and events designed to celebrate the wonder of all life, to embrace diversity, and to teach compassion.

With your support, Lasa will thrive as a much needed safe haven and trailblazing education and healing center for the people and animals of Ohio.

Together, we can make a better world.

Love all.  Serve All.

Joy & Tom Karuna